2008 Kia Carens for rent

About the car

This is a 7 seater MPV. Very convenient for family use. :-) Things to note: 1. Please only use the remote to lock/unlock the car and use the key to start the engine, do not use the key to open the car door otherwise the alarm will be on. 2. The hand-break in this car is different: - Pull the button located at the left side under the steering wheel to release the hand-break. - Step the paddle on your left foot to secure the hand-brake. Please pull and step fully because the hand-break is new and a bit tight.

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Easy access
 20B Duchess Road


Pon the street

Accessing the vehicle

Sorry this car is not available for rental at this time.



Additional Features

Audio Input

Number of seats

7 seater


S$ 50/hr

S$ 400/day

Rental Fee (?)
Prepaid Fuel Fee (?)

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About the owner

Eddy Zhang


  • MTReza

    Car is great, owner is great, very helpful when I needed to shift my booking to earlier time. Thank you for sharing the car

  • Chris Ho

    Very suitable for large family outings!!

  • Hidetoshi_Ian

  • Taufiq

    Great ride! Friendly owner. Good control, audio, and air-con. Pretty spacious. Perfect for driving during festive season.

  • Henry

    great family car and good for use.

* Note
Before LTA liberalize the PCRS, private cars can only be rented on weekends ( Friday 7PM to Mon 7AM) and public holidays (from 7PM the day before to 7AM the day after). Progress on PCRS liberalization, read here.