2008 Proton Gen for rent

About the car

A beautiful sports car designed by Lotus, engineered by Proton. The Gen-2 1.3A is a pleasure to drive. The only Asian car with continental schematics. Leather sport bucket seats for comfort. Boot space is extremely large and suitable for trips that require loading. The car comes with wide angle side mirror attachments to facilitate parking and blind spots. Proton - Committed to be better.

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Easy access
 549A Woodlands Drive 44


Pdedicated spot

Accessing the vehicle

Please sms me at 96977402 to check if the car is available before you book. The car keys is in the iCarKit pink bag and will be prepared for you prior to collection. You should lock/unlock the car using only the link provided to you as the car key transponder will activate the car alarm if pressed.



Additional Features

Number of seats

5 seater


S$ 12/hr

S$ 80/day

Rental Fee (?)
Prepaid Fuel Fee (?)

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About the owner

Abang Hazrul


* Note
Before LTA liberalize the PCRS, private cars can only be rented on weekends ( Friday 7PM to Mon 7AM) and public holidays (from 7PM the day before to 7AM the day after). Progress on PCRS liberalization, read here.