About iCarsclub

iCarsclub is Asia’s first online platform that supports peer to peer car sharing. Car owners can list their vehicle to monetize their idle car time, and car drivers can rent a car nearby at a low hourly or day rate.

Founded in May 2012, iCarsclub’s vision to bring the benefits of peer to peer car sharing to Asia went live in Singapore on 12/12/2012. With great support from NUS Enterprise, iCarsclub had since garnered high volume of public attention from major reporting media such as Strait Times, Lianhe Zaobao and MediaCorp.



  •  Get Paid and Rewarded
  •  Risk Free, Worry Free
  •  Your Car, Your Rules
  •  Make New Friends


  •  Best Car Rental Rates in town
  •  Drive with a piece of mind
  •  Easy and convenient
  •  Payonly what you use
  •  Beter lifestyle, less burden

For every car you shared...

  • Reduce 39% to 64% green house gas emission

  • Better road conditions as traffic will be eased with lesser cars

  • Takes 6 to 33 privately owned vehicles off the road

Help us achieve our vision and bring the benefits of peer to peer car sharing to our community! We need support from great people like you! Join us today and get involved with the car sharing community. You can help by spreading the word!

Car sharing is even better then Car Rental

Why is car sharing even better then car rental , you may ask. The concept of car sharing is relatively new in Singapore but it is already widely practiced in US. The objective of car rental and car sharing is similar both rent cars out to users who need them. The main difference lies with the fleet rented out.

In car rentals, the cars are obtained from company purchases or leased by the rental company. The rental cars however, are often unkempt, require service badly some times are even infested by nasty insects. In contrast, cars available for rental in rental car sharing system are owned by car owners. This would naturally mean that the car rented is clean, well maintained and well taken care of.

Besides that, car sharing creates a win-win situation for both car sharing owners with extra car time to spare and also for drivers who need to rent a car when the situation arises. Car owners can earn extra income from listing their cars out for rent when they are not using it and drivers can rent a car at a relatively lower rate now that the middle-man is eliminated.

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