About Peer to Peer Car Sharing

The concept of peer to peer car sharing is quite new in Asia, specifically in Singapore. However, the car sharing system has been around since 2001 and the concepts of car sharing are extremely well received in Western countries such as the US, Australia and UK.

What is Peer to Peer Car Sharing?

Peer to peer car sharing would require two vital elements: current owners who own a car and drivers who wish to rent a car. A car sharing program would then create a virtual fleet from the existing car owners who list their car on the car sharing platform and rent it out to nearby drivers who need to rent a car.

Although the concept of rental care share is similar to car rental, it is considered to be a more convenient, safer and cheaper alternative than the latter. Car rental in Singapore requires you to travel to the collection point which can be located far away and once you get there, you would need to fill up a large amount of paperwork each time you rent a car. Furthermore, there is always a risk of the car not being properly maintained since the car rental company may not conduct regular checks. On top of that, car rental in Singapore is extremely expensive.

On the other hand, since the vehicles on the car sharing network are the individual car owners’ precious property, they are clean, constantly maintained, and well taken care of. Furthermore, you will be able to rent a car that suits your ideal budget. You wouldn’t even need to meet up with the car owner. Just locate the desired car near you and activate the keyless access simply by using your smartphone. Unlike car rental centres, the variety of cars listed online is not limited to the budget of the companies. Additionally, all transactions are done online without the nuisance of completing tedious paperwork. All these points satisfy the needs of drivers who are seeking for rental cars without the complications and burdening costs.

What does car sharing do?

Besides providing a cheaper car rental service, car sharing is also a solution in reducing the number of vehicles out in the society. The large volume of vehicles on the road would mean that traffic is more congested and there will be a higher level of pollution. For every shared car, 13 cars will be taken off the road and there is a chance to reduce green house gas emission by to up 40%! Since a car spends 22 hours a day sitting in a car park, why not turn these wasted car resources into a moneymaking opportunity?

Car sharing in Singapore

The potential of rental care sharing in Singapore is extremely vast due to the high COE prices, new-tiered tax rate being introduced in Singapore Budget 2013 and the high cost of taxi fares and car rental. With an increased participation rate in car sharing, commuters will also be able to travel easier with improved road conditions. Drivers who currently don’t own cars will no longer need to break the bank in order to buy or rent one. Let’s see if we can make this planet a greener one by turning to car sharing…and make or save money while we’re at it!