iCarsclub is a membership based trusted community for peer to peer car sharing.
Join us now to enjoy various benefits including:

  • Up to $1000/mth extra income
  • Nearby cars to rent
  • Best car rental rate in town

Why share your car at iCarsclub

Get Paid and Rewarded

Rent out your idle car time and earn up to $1,000/month to offset hefty car ownership costs. Plus many more exclusive privileges for car owners.

Risk Free, Worry Free

iCarsclub’s stringent screening process for car renters paired with the full insurance coverage to safeguard your interest. Our hotline is also available 24/7 to provide you roadside assistance.

Make new friends

iCarsclub is a community built on trust. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to know and make friends with people in your neighbourhood.

Your Car, Your Rules

You have control over when and to whom you wish to rent your car. You can fit rental durations to your schedules and with our keyless entry system eliminates the need for key exchange.

Contribute to Car Depopulation

Carsharing takes 9-13 cars off the road. Join our mission to lower our carbon footprint and reduce traffic congestion.

How it works

Sign up as an iCarOwner

Register your car on iCarsclub using our step-by-step guide and we will contact you within two working days.
Sign up now

Set up the iCarBox

We’ll install the iCarBox for you, free of charge. It enables keyless entry and allows you to track your car while it is being rented.

Manage your profile

Login to your account and provide a description of your car and car rental rates. Update your car’s availability to suit your schedule. You’ll receive a notification once an iCarDriver requests to reserve your car. You can review the iCarDriver’s profile before you approve/reject the request.

Get paid

A full statement of your payment invoice will be sent to you immediately after the rental. 80% of the rental goes directly to you, the rest will be used to maintain and improve our platform.

Why should you join Car Sharing?

Rental car sharing is considered a new concept compared to the traditional car rental in Singapore. Despite being a new concept, it is safe, secure and totally convenient for car owners like you when you decide to put up your car for rent. As a car owner, you may have let your friends or family members drive your car in the past without any insurance protection. In car sharing, the safety of your car is our top priority. Furthermore, iCarsclub conducts stringent screening for all our registered drivers before they can start car sharing. Some of the basic requirements we would need are that the drivers must be accident free for the last 3 years, have less than 6 demerit points for the last 2 years and must have a minimum of 2 years’ driving experience.

It’s easy too! Once you install the iCarbox, you can just list your car online to put up your car for rent. Next, simply confirm car rentals using your smart phone and after the car sharing is completed, easily locate your vehicle at its parking location using the Google map link generated by our tracking system. On top of everything, for every car shared you are also reducing green house gas emission by up to 40%. So what are you waiting for? Join the car sharing movement now!


Why rent car at iCarsclub

Drive with a peace of mind

Our comprehensive insurance package covers you to an excess of $1500. Our roadside assistance hotline is available 24/7 and you can be assured that help is just a phone call away.

Best car rental rates in town

The wide variety of rates and car models available at flexible renting time, you have the choice to rent your desired car at the price that you are happy with.

Easy and convenient

It takes less then 5 mins for the car owner to approve your appointment. Thanks to our keyless entry system, you can have access to the car without the hassles of keys exchanging.

Pay only what you use

No registration fees or membership fees. Rental car share is charged on per hour or day basis. Petrol and insurance is charged on a per mile basis.

Better lifestyle, less burden

We provide you with the flexibility to enjoy travelling at your own pace without breaking the bank.

How it works

Sign up as an iCarDriver

Sign up now for free using our step-by-step guide. You will receive the notification of your application status within 3 working days.

Reserve your preferred car

Select a car that suit your needs based on its location, price and availability. The owner will be notified immediately and you’ll receive a confirmation upon successful booking.

Access hop in and drive!

You’ll be provided the exact location of the car. Simply locate it, unlock the car on your phone, hop in and drive away!

Return and fuel

Return the car to the same location when you finish your drive. You could also request to extend rental if you need to. Petrol is charged after your journey.

Why should you join Car Sharing?

Although car sharing is a new concept in Singapore, we’re confident that once people understand how the car sharing model operates, it will change how we look at car rental in Singapore. Besides allowing drivers to save money compared to the conventional budget car rental , drivers can enjoy more convenience and flexibility with car sharing. For example, drivers do not need to collect their desired car from a faraway location because there is always a car near you. Furthermore, with the large fleet available in car sharing , you will have access to a wider variety of cars compared to car rental. For example, on iCarsclub’s platform, we have vehicles ranging from a BMW 523i to a Suzuki Swift. If you’re concerned with time constraints, don’t be because car sharing is more time-flexible. This means that you can make last minute bookings when you need it unlike car rentals which are often closed when you want to make a last minute booking.

Additionally, drivers do not need to meet up with car sharing owners for the exchange of keys on iCarsclub’s car sharing platform. Our keyless car entry procedure ensures that it’s always a speedy transaction. There also isn’t a need to fill up extensive paperwork like at car rentals each time you rent. Once the booking is confirmed, simply use your smart phone to find the location of the car and unlock the car using your smartphone. Unlike rental cars that are often unkempt and lack proper maintenance, car owners that service their car regularly own all the cars shared in iCarsclub.